Organization Chart
Organization Chart Organization Chart

Percentages denote equity interest as at September 30, 2020, unless otherwise noted.

(1) Canada Life holds a 3.9% interest in IGM Financial (IGM), and IGM holds a 4.0% interest in Great-West Lifeco (Lifeco).
(2) Representing 100% of the voting interests.
(3) Power Financial holds a 63% interest, and Lifeco and IGM also hold equal interests of 18.5%, in Portag3 Ventures LP (Portag3 I). Sagard Holdings holds a 4.7% interest and Power Financial, Lifeco and IGM also hold equal interests of 7.7% in Portag3 Ventures II LP.
(4) Power Financial, Portag3 I and IGM hold undiluted equity interests in Wealthsimple of 20.8%, 16.5% and 46.1%, respectively, representing a combined voting interest of 85.3% and a fully diluted equity interest of 70.1%. 
(5) Held through Parjointco, a jointly controlled corporation (50%).
(6) Representing 44.8% of the voting interests in Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL).
(7) Refer to the Pargesa page of this website for a list of GBL’s investments.
(8) Refer to the Investment Platforms section of the Corporation’s most recent MD&A for a list of investments held by each investment platform.
(9) Sagard Holdings includes its controlling interest in Sagard SAS and the Corporation’s interest in the European private equity funds.
(10) Power Sustainable Capital manages the Power Pacific and Power Energy investment platforms.
(11) IGM also holds a 13.9% interest in China AMC. Power Corporation and IGM hold a combined 27.8% interest in China AMC.

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