Power Corporation holds and actively manages a portfolio of investments. Power Corporation has a long-term perspective and a strategic vision anchored in clear investment principles:

  • Invest in companies with a long-term perspective;
  • Invest in high-quality, socially responsible companies with sustainable franchises and attractive growth profiles;
  • Conservative approach to risk;
  • Strong oversight and active governance through board of directors of investee companies, where appropriate; and
  • Detailed fundamental analysis.

The investments are held and managed either directly or through one of our investment platforms:

Sagard Funds

Power Corporation has invested in equity investment funds in three geographies: Sagard Europe, Sagard Holdings (North America) and Sagard China. Each of Sagard Invesment Funds operates with their own dedicated teams. Power Corporation’s investment fund activities leverage its extensive global networks and business relationships, seek to achieve long-term capital appreciation through fundamental investment analysis and seek opportunities to acquire controlling interests in its most promising investments. 

Each of the Sagard businesses adheres closely to Power’s investment philosophy and governance model.

Sagard Europe

Sagard Europe, headquartered in Paris, is managed by Sagard SAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation. Sagard Europe operates Sagard II and Sagard 3. These funds invest in mid-sized private companies based in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Sagard Holdings

Sagard Holdings invests in the equity and debt capital of middle market companies in the United States and Canada. It holds a controlling interest in IntegraMed and Vein Clinics, both private healthcare services companies.  

Sagard China

Power Corporation operates as a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) in the Chinese “A” shares market. In addition, the Corporation invests in Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“H” shares), and the Shenzhen or Shanghai Stock Exchange (“B” shares). Collectively, the Chinese “A”, “B” and “H” shares investment activities are Sagard China. The Sagard China team, based in Shanghai, are long-term investors seeking absolute returns through a portfolio of selected stocks.

China AMC

China Asset Management Co. Ltd. (China AMC) was established in 1998 and was one of the first asset management companies approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It is recognized as a leader in the Chinese asset management sector. 

Power Corporation holds a 13.9% interest in China AMC. Power Corporation and its indirect subsidiary Mackenzie Investments hold a combined 27.8% interest in China AMC.

Power Energy Corporation

Power Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation, actively manages investments in the sustainable and renewable energy sector. Power Energy invests in and develops companies that can provide stable and growing long-term recurring cash flows.

Power Energy holds investments in three companies: 

  • Potentia Renewables, a renewable energy generation company, active in the solar and wind sector in North America and the Caribbean;
  • Lumenpulse, a leading manufacturer of high-performance, specification-grade LED lighting solutions; and 
  • Eagle Creek, a U.S.-based owner and operator of hydropower facilities.

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