China Asset Management

China Asset Management

Power Corporation’s multi-generational relationships have been foundational in creating investment opportunities in China, such as through its investment in China Asset Management Co., Ltd. (ChinaAMC), one of the largest asset managers in China.

Founded in 1998 as one of the first fund management companies in China, ChinaAMC has developed and maintained its position among the market leaders in China’s asset management industry. ChinaAMC diversifies Power Corporation’s interests creating strategic opportunities with other asset managers within the Power group of companies. 

The investment in ChinaAMC provides the potential to leverage the group’s global experience in wealth management and distribution. The Power group of companies benefit from the strategic relationship with ChinaAMC which provides opportunities to work together on developing products and subadvisory relationships. 

Power Corporation and IGM Financial each hold interests of 13.9% in ChinaAMC, representing a combined 27.8% interest. 

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