Community Involvement

Our responsibility towards our communities

At Power Corporation, volunteerism and charitable giving are integral parts of our DNA. Investing in our communities reflects the core values that have shaped and continue to guide us in making positive contributions to society. These deeply held values of respect, responsibility, integrity, hard work, and courage define our charitable contributions and reflect the strong social commitment we hold to the communities in which we operate, as well as to the larger society. We are conscious that strong and dynamic communities are what create strong businesses, as well as living and working environments that are both supportive and sustainable.

Investing to build strong and dynamic communities

Through corporate donations and community engagement and investments, as well as through our support of employee volunteering initiatives, we make contributions to numerous organizations across the country. In fact, over the last decade, Power has made charitable contributions to some 1,400 Canadian community-based organizations, each one fulfilling a much-needed role in society. These organizations are integral to helping people in need, providing better healthcare to those in need, protecting the environment, or introducing people to new educational, artistic and cultural experiences.

We believe in the ability of the voluntary sector, working in partnership with governments and businesses, to build a better society with better opportunities for all Canadians. As business entrepreneurs, we value and support the role that social entrepreneurs play in helping to build strong and connected communities. Those driven to champion their cause and devote their lives to the service of others. This is why we are often drawn to smaller initiatives that deliver broad social benefit because of their entrepreneurial, innovative spirit.

A common set of values

Our philanthropic values are shared across Power’s group of companies, and we encourage and support all employees who volunteer their time or who charitably give to causes dear to their hearts. Through their respective community programs and initiatives, as well as employee volunteering activities, companies of our group work diligently to make a difference in the communities they serve.

A microsite to shine light on the organizations we support

In dedication to these organizations, we have established a community investment microsite, Power Corporation in the Community, in the hope of highlighting the exceptional work being done to help thousands every day. We invite you to visit this community microsite and hope their stories inspire you to make your own contribution to building a healthy and strong society. Community-based organizations can also submit their donation requests directly through that Website.


Video featuring four community organizations supported by companies in our group
Video featuring four community organizations supported by companies in our group
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