Society – Community Investment

Our Approach

A Caring Company

Power Corporation has been a supporter of the Imagine program in Canada since 1989.

This national program promotes corporate and public giving, volunteering, and support in the community, and calls for corporations to contribute to a target of 1% of pre-tax domestic profit to charitable causes.

The Corporation has consistently exceeded their minimum donation guideline and has been designated a “Caring Company” by Imagine Canada.

Our substantial commitment to philanthropy across the country is an element of our core values as a corporation. We strive to be responsible corporate citizens and make a positive contribution to the communities where the Corporation is established.

Our approach to community investment consists of the contributions we make to numerous organizations through corporate donations and investments, and through our support of employee volunteering initiatives.

We make these community investments because we believe in the ability of the voluntary sector, working in partnership with governments and business, to build a better society with better opportunities for all Canadians.

We are business entrepreneurs and we value the vibrant entrepreneurship that permeates the voluntary sector. We are particularly drawn to smaller initiatives that provide a broad social benefit because of their entrepreneurial, innovative approach. These “social” entrepreneurs are dedicated and professional, greatly deserving of our support.

As part of our commitment to philanthropy, we encourage and support our officers and employees who volunteer their time to causes of their choice. As a society, we benefit greatly from the dedicated commitment of the voluntary sector to communities across the country.

Through our donations and investments, Power Corporation has contributed over the years to more than 800 organizations among five broad categories – health, education, arts and culture, community development and the environment.

These initiatives at the Power Corporation level are greatly augmented by the distinct policies and programs of our subsidiaries Great-West Lifeco and IGM Financial. Power Corporation and its group companies, Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life, Investors Group and Mackenzie Investments are long-standing members of Imagine Canada’s Caring Company program.

Focus of Support – 2012

Community Donations and Investments

We focus our community donations and investments on these five areas because we believe they are touchstones for building strong communities, with citizens who are healthy, educated and involved, living and working in an environment that is supportive and sustainable.

  • Health – We believe that strong communities start with healthy communities. We support a broad range of health organizations, with particular emphasis on institutions that advance medical research, provide quality healthcare and promote disease prevention. Many of our investments in this sector also focus on health infrastructure renewal. Read More
  • Education – We believe that education contributes to the economic health of our communities, empowering the next generation with the skills to reach their highest potential. We support educational programs, research initiatives and scholarships and bursaries that provide students with the right technical, entrepreneurial and life skills to achieve economic independence and compete in an ever more complex and specialized world. Additionally, we favour initiatives that promote literacy and encourage students to stay in school. Read More
  • Community Development – Developing vibrant communities is an important priority for us. We are committed to fostering a greater quality of life within the communities where we work and live. We invest in initiatives that build community capacity, reduce poverty, provide assistance to those most at risk, and promote community well-being. Read More
  • Arts and Culture – The visual and performing arts are a vital part of our social fabric, providing a valuable source of creativity, inspiration and enrichment to people’s lives. We invest in a broad range of arts, cultural and heritage organizations, including music, theatre, museums, and historical preservation. Read More
  • Environment – We recognize the responsibility we have as a society to preserve our natural environment and ensure a healthy and sustainable economy for future generations. We support programs that promote conservation, preservation and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, including programs that address climate change. Read More

Employee Volunteering Initiatives

Our officers and employees are also very active in both charitable giving and volunteering. In fact, many of our officers and employees also sit on the Boards of these non-profit organizations. We encourage and support them to get involved by committing time to support community programs of their choice. When requested, we aim to match donations and provide grants to the charitable organizations where they volunteer.  Read More